Best Autoflower Cannabis Seeds You Can Buy Online

If you are considering growing your own marijuana, you need to properly think about the type of seeds you’ll like to cultivate. Autoflowering seeds are preferred by both recreational and commercial growers because it is one of the easiest ways to grow cannabis, especially if this is your first time.

Autoflower seeds are very easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. The seeds produce compact-sized plants and are best if you are trying to hide them. The seeds do not require as much work as other seeds during the growing process. The name “autoflowering” was gotten because the plant flowers automatically. This means that it does not need external changes to occur before it initiates the flowering stage of its growth process. If you want to buy autoflower seeds in the USA, you need to learn about the different seed strains available.

Top 5 Autoflower Seeds You Can Find

If you want to shop for autoflower seeds from a reputable seed bank like Mephisto Genetics, there are a few criteria you need to consider. When selecting the best seeds, you need to factor in the total cannabinoid content of the plant, the yield, how easy it’ll be to grow, and the terpene profile of the strain. Considering all these factors would help you make the best choice. Some of the top-rated autoflower strains are listed below:

Auto Skywalker Haze

If you want to grow a potent autoflower strain, this should be your top choice. This strain has one of the highest cannabinoid levels seen in an auto strain, with a high THC level of 25 to 30%.

Auto Banana Blaze

The auto banana blaze strain is an Indica strain with a high THC level of up to 20%. It is very affordable and easy to grow, taking around 12 weeks to hit maturation.

Auto White Widow

This is one of the most popular Indica-dominant strains, and it’s very famous for its potency. Its growing cycle takes about 8 weeks to harvest, and it provides a great balance of euphoria and energy.

Blueberry Auto Seeds

This seed is an Indica-dominant strain that works best for taking the edge off after a long stressful day. Its growing process is pretty short and convenient. It requires less monitoring than other seeds and takes about 8 weeks to mature.

Gorilla Glue

This is a very popular strain with a high THC of up to 26% and is best if you are looking for a heavy buzz.

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