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Signs Your Senior Pet Could Benefit From Cbd

If you’re unaware of CBD, then you and your trusted companion are in for a treat. CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant. Don’t worry; we’re not talking about marijuana (although CBD is found in that cannabis strain as well). No, we’re talking about another non-intoxicating strain of cannabis, called unflavored cbd tincture mint 750mg.

Hemp contains a number of constituents like:

  • Terpenes

  • Flavonoids

  • Amino acids

  • Omega fatty acids

  • Cannabinoids

But it’s cannabinoids like CBD that have scientists, medical professionals, and veterinarians in awe of the promise it has shown to help regulate the human and animal body to help support proper health and wellness.

While CBD is derived from cannabis, the products sold all throughout the country are derived from hemp. This is because CBD is more abundant in hemp and only contains a tiny amount (0.3%) of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the cannabinoid known for getting its users “high.” This small amount of THC is not nearly enough to be intoxicating, and it’s safe for humans and animals to consume. So, you can rest easy knowing that Mr. Whiskers and Fido won’t be high-pawing each other as they conspire a plan to raid the kitchen for snacks because they have the munchies. In fact, studies show that CBD is well tolerated among many of its users and has little to no side effects, thus making it an awesome product to help our senior pets!

Whether you’ve just adopted a senior pet, or you’ve watched your canine or feline friend slowly age through the years, here are 4 signs that your senior pet could benefit from the properties of CBD.

Joint discomfort and mobility issues

Like humans, our trusted canine and feline friends can also suffer from immobilizing aches and discomforts. The most common cause of these mobility issues comes from joint discomfort due to age-related issues. Here are a few natural suggestions that may help manage inflammatory responses.

Other studies show that when CBD is applied to the skin, it can help maintain a normal inflammatory response and offer connective tissue support. It could also help support healthy skin in pets. Pretty compelling results, if you ask us!

Occasional Stress

As your pet ages, you may buy cbd Pet Tincture 600mg. Maybe a quick trip to the grocery store or even to the mailbox has your dog or cat verbally interrogating you to see why you were gone for so long. Fear and anxiousness for pets is terrifying. If your pet already struggles with loud noises, being separated from you, or from the stress traveling and changing environments, the chances are these struggles will only be heightened as they age. Other aspects of getting older, such as joint discomfort mentioned before, can add to these struggles, creating an even bigger problem.

Lack of appetite and nausea

Have you noticed that your dog or cat has been throwing up a lot lately? Or maybe you’ve noticed they’re just not interested in eating anymore?

As you might have already known, most pets are totally driven by food, especially dogs. But as our pets age, you might begin to notice that your dog or cat isn’t as excited about their food as they used to be. In fact, instead of eating, they’re showing signs of nausea instead.

This could be due to a number of reasons:

  • Sore teeth

  • Not interested in the same ol’ dog or cat chow

  • Supplements or additions to their diet

  • Emotional or social issues

  • Or they’re just not feeling too well

Feeling nauseous might explain why your beloved companion is not acting like normal. But studies have shown that CBD is very effective with nausea that can lead to vomiting. The less nauseated your senior pet feels, the more likely they’ll be back to their normal self, which could have a positive impact on many aspects of their life.

Which brand of CBD oil and CBD pet bites are safe and effective for my senior pets?

We’re no strangers to the sadness of watching our furry friends grow older. In fact, Heidi Hill, founder and creator of Holistic Hound, discovered CBD because of this very reason.

We know that watching your pet grow old can be hard, but adding high-quality CBD and mushroom products to their daily regimen may have positive effects on their quality of life as they age. As always, feel free to reach out to us here if you have any questions or concerns. We’re always happy to help in any way we can.

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