6 Reasons You Should Get a Rechargeable Lighter 

Irrespective of what you smoke, you need a reliable lighter. You have several options for this, such as your standard butane lighter, jet torch lighter, and electric lighters.

Electric lighters are gaining massive popularity in the smoking world. They are efficient, versatile, and eco-friendly- Smokers swear they are the next big thing. Let’s look at six reasons you should get an electric, rechargeable lighter.

How do rechargeable lighters work?

An electric rechargeable torch lighter uses a high voltage current to produce an arc of charged plasma to burn materials. The temperature of the plasma in the lighter can be as high as 2000 ° F ( 1,100 degrees Celsius). Other forms of electric lighters use a heating coil with a burner plate for ignition- this type may be preferred for cigars.


A rechargeable lighter is your preferred device for harsh conditions. When subjected to wind and rain, a traditional lighter won’t cut it. Trying to light your ciggy with cupped hands in a windy place can burn you and still not work. This can literally kill your vibes. An electric lighter, on the other hand, can be used in any direction and in any weather condition. Come rain and snow, a rechargeable lighter won’t disappoint.

Better for the environment.

USB rechargeable cigar torch lighters are much better for the environment. Fuel-based lighters release smoke and other toxic chemicals from plastic and other parts. Electric lighters, on the other hand, do not burn any fuel and, therefore, produce no smoke. They run on electricity which is a cleaner and more sustainable form of energy compared to fossil fuels. They outlast regular lighters, as a result, contribute less to land and water pollution. This makes them the preferred accessory of choice for more environmentally conscious smokers.


Many people decide not to buy rechargeable cigar torch lighters because they seem expensive and opt to buy cheaper ones. Contrary to what many people think, rechargeable lighters are more friendly to your pocket than other types of lighters. In the long run, you’ll find that rechargeable lighters save you more money.

If you decide to use regular lighters, you will have to take many trips to stores or buy multiple lighters not or butane cans. Instead of wasting time, energy, and effort, you can invest in an electric torch that will last for ages. Also, you don’t have to store flammable butane aerosol cans in your home.

Rechargeable lighters are safer.

One of the biggest reasons you should switch to a rechargeable lighter is safety. Electric lighters use a plasma arc to ignite materials. This form of ignition produces no flame and is easier to control than other lighters. It will result in fewer burns on your skin and reduces the chance of an accidental fire. They also come with a built-in safety feature that prevents them from igniting when there aren’t supposed to.

Easy to maintain.

Rechargeable lighters are much easier to maintain than most people think. They are lightweight and very sturdy. USB lighters can be as small as 4 inches. You don’t have to create a mess when refilling your lighter. All you need to do is occasionally clean it with a damp cloth. With a Q-tip and some rubbing alcohol, you can effortlessly restore your USB lighter to its original condition.

Good for outdoor use.

An electric lighter is your perfect hiking companion, camping in the woods, by a river, etc. Its versatility, safety, and ease of use make them superior to other lighters. At high altitudes, you need to make special adjustments to a regular lighter due to the lack of oxygen. When faced with extreme conditions like being caught in the rain, you will need a more reliable lighter. With a power bank, your electric USB lighter will last you throughout your camping. Finding a rechargeable torch with a built-in flashlight can help you even more!

How long do electric lighters work?

Depending on the product you buy, an electric lighter can give 100- 300 lights on a full charge. This means a full charge will last the average smoker 3-5 days. Given that it takes 1-3 hours to charge the average lighter, buying one is an excellent bargain.

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