All You Need to Know About CPAP Machine

Continuous positive airway pressure machines can help in the treatment of sleep apnea, as many doctors recommend it. In this disorder, an individual can find difficulty breathing while sleeping. The air passage may collapse or get filled with mucus which blocks the way for air.

Sleep apnea symptoms may include headache, snoring, and less energy. CPAP machines help to reduce these symptoms. They release pressurized air from the machine and deliver it to the person. The pressurized air creates a wide opening for respiration throughout the night. The increased air pressure reduces the chances of air passage collapse and relaxes the tissue in the throat.

The invention of the CPAP machine

Dr. Collin Sullivan used a CPAP machine for the treatment of sleep apnea. Dr. Collin recognized that the combination of a fitted mask, tubing, and machine could resolve the sleep apnea problem. Since 1981, this device has been used for the treatment of sleep apnea. Earlier doctors used tracheostomy to resolve sleep apnea problems.

Let’s learn how a CPAP machine can help in the treatment-

The sleep of an individual may get interrupted due to a choked throat as the air passage collapse. The constant flow of pressurized air avoids the throat collapse and also clears out mucus from it. The machine helps maintain the oxygen level in the body. The machine also helps in reducing the vibration that creates the snoring sound. All this increases the sleep quality and resolves the fragmented sleep problem. It can be said that a CPAP machine can avert serious repercussions of sleep apnea.

Is CPAP effective?

By far, doctors also agree that the most-effective non-surgical option to treat sleep apnea is CPAP. For adults, it is the most usual option recommended by doctors. Rest relies on the usage and the doctor’s suggestion. The quality of the CPAP machine is also one of the factors affecting the outcome. However, you can rely on the Resmed Airsense 10 CPAP machine for effective results.

How the CPAP machine works

All CPAP machines operate on the same basic principle. However, in modern machines, small motors release pressure and produce less noise. This machine uses room air to filter out the pure oxygen and supply it to the patient. The air is often passed through a heated humidifier and delivered to the mask through a tube.


A little awareness about the CPAP machine is necessary if you are considering buying one. However, you don’t need to go for in-depth information about its working. Different models may work differently, and understanding the working of all can be confusing. The above information may be enough to make you aware of the CPAP machine. Rest information you can get on the website, for instance, information regarding supplies for Philips Respironics CPAP. The Philip Respironics dream wear is designed for those who breathe through their mouths. Its soft silicone redirects the airflow for effective breathing.

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