Athlean-X Full Body Workout

Athlean X is Jeff Cavaliere. My first contact with Jeff was around 3 or 4 years ago when I saw his videos and ads on YouTube. When I spoke to John Meadows, he said, “Watch what Jeff does at Athlean X.” Meadows himself admitted that many people are hating on him but he’s a nice guy.

Then I decided that I would try the Jeff’s Athlean X workouts a try to see how the workout is constructed and how he executes his programming. The exercise I chose to do is a workout with only dumbbells described as a complete body exercise.

The one thing I didn’t love immediately was the fact that it’s three sets of between six and eight repetitions. The instructor does a great job of providing the option of a different lift, and also providing intervals of rest. One thing I’ve struggled to address in the content we publish is the idea of saying you should do this or rest this long. This is something I’m planning to learn from Jeff to help improve our content here at Garage Strength

1. Dumbbell Clean Up & Over Athlean X

This was the first exercise I’d never tried before. It’s a recommended move for those who is only carrying one dumbbell. It’s like a kettlebell throw towards the rack and then over and up the head and over to the shoulder opposite. Repeat that six times before I completed the next exercise following.

2. Dumbbell Clean & Press Athlean X

I performed this exercise with one dumbbell in each hand. I completed one set of this, and rested for 90 seconds before returning to do the same thing again.

This Athlean X program started off with full body workouts before adjusting to concentrate on the lower back muscles, then chest and triceps muscles at the close.

As a weightlifting instructor, I don’t like the way Jeff advises you to stomp ones feet floor. I’m not a fan of the idea of stomping your feet. It made me cringe. However, the movement increased my heart rate and made me breathe harder and enticed me to join the exercise.

It’s not terrible. It’s okay. I’d rather sit down.

I’m not a fan of dumbbell press and clean. In fact I’d prefer to do squats. The dumbbell press and clean felt great. My hamstrings and lower back, quads a slightly, and shoulders also felt good when I came out.

3. Goblet Reverse Lunges Into Goblet Squat Athlean-X

My main concern about this workout has to be with the program that specifies six reps. It was a bit odd since there are three reps in every movement. I performed the left and right legs and to do the goblet-squat. It’s a blessing that Jeff does an excellent job as is expected of him in the exercise.

It’s not that the exercise isn’t amazing. They’re good for general use to a certain extent. My opinion is that Garage Strength has more effective programs and exercises with us at Garage Strength.

Jeff states that if I would like to grow bigger as well as stronger I shouldn’t need to be too narrow as I’ll be off balance and reduce the gains in strength. Clearly stating that I should do the reverse lunge as wide as the goblet squat is

This is a great exercise following pressing and cleaning with dumbbells. The quads are fired up, and your abs may be felt to be working. Make sure to do the recommended sets, before moving on to the next one.

My quads exploded and I truly loved this exercise.

4. Single Arm Dumbbell Row Athlean-X

There are three sets of 6 to 8 reps (with each exercise) is one of my major complaint. It’s just a general row if just one dumbbell is in the gym.

Now , if I use one arm per dumbbell, that is, there are two dumbbells that’s what I have, had to complete dead row.

5. Dumbbell Dead Row

This is a bit more leg. My legs are shaking from squats and lunges. My hamstrings are firing off from the press and clean of the dumbbell too.

From a dead spot with the dumbbells placed on the outside, which is similar to a trapbar position and then I deadlifted the dumbbells, and then finished by doing one row. The notes on the program suggested that it’s okay to utilize the lower back and the hamstrings more.

I chose to do three rounds of this exercise.

6. Dumbbell Floor Bench

At this moment, my back was bright my lats felt great and my shoulder was quite good too. Another option to do the bench, even if it only had one dumbbell, was doing a crunch grip on one of the dumbbell head and press. I’m not really a fan of this exercise unless I had a plan of performing a series of 50 and just blowing all my upper triceps. That’s why I just jumped into the bench on the floor.

Athlean X says the range is between six and eight reps. I believed ten to twelve reps is more appropriate for an exercise pump. One issue I have with the dumbbell floor press is getting the dumbbells to raise without the space. It can be a bit cumbersome and especially when you are using the weights for the tough and strong.

I’m guessing I did 18 reps as I didn’t want to place the dumbbells to my quads. I enjoy dumbbell bench to finish the workout. It’s not a workout that makes people dumb or weak however, it can blast the triceps. I recommend stopping at the beginning of the movement. If you’re struggling with a lock-out in the bench, try this motion upwards. I would recommend using a barbell that has more grip.

7. Dumbbell Lying Tricep Extension

I was able to get a good exercise from the dumbbell’s floor bench. I’m enjoying the workout to date, but I have some major critiques.

Here’s how I performed the tricep extension with dumbbells lying. Athlean isn’t supersetting this, however I am a fan of supersetting trize and bize. Therefore, I’m going to do this bicep routine that I’ve had never tried.

Before that the dumbbell lying in tricep extensions, taken from C.T. Flecher is lying on the ground, extending the dumbbells down to on the flooring (don’t bounce) and keeping the elbows in the proper position and not using the lats as much, in the process of focusing on the trize.

The exercise is a good one, and together with the other, Athlean X said hit it for between ten and twelve repetitions. I’ve always loved this move as a way to keep the triceps muscles pump moving.

8. Weighted Curl

Athlean X talks about performing standing dumbbell curls using two dumbbells, with one on each hand. But as Athlean X suggests is using just one dumbbell with the hands on the floor and an open palm that helps with grip strength I just bent the dumbbell to my chin. I enjoyed this move particularly the palm that is open for grip exercises.


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