Common Signs Your Furnace is failing

As the temperature starts to drop, homeowners run their furnaces more often. Needless to say, it’s a must-have HVAC unit for every home during winter. Unfortunately, a malfunctioning furnace is a common problem that many homeowners experience. 

If your furnace is unable to keep the home temperature comfortable, you must immediately schedule 24-hour furnace repair services in Houston, TX. Often, overlooking the common issues with your furnace can leads to more expensive repairs.

We bring you the top five signs that your furnace is failing and needs professional assistance. 

  • Expired Thermostat Batteries

One of the reasons your furnace is not working can be dead thermostat batteries. Since the two units are connected, without adequate battery power, your furnace won’t be able to perform its task efficiently. We recommend replacing the battery immediately. However, if the issue persists, you might need a home thermostat replacement in Houston.

  • Odd Furnace Smell

Sometimes furnaces can smell like the fuel used in them, especially if they are turned on after a long time. However, as the unit runs, the odor dissipates.

If you notice a strong fuel odor around the furnace that appears suddenly and doesn’t go away with time, it might indicate the unit is failing. The smell can be due to numerous reasons, such as excessive dust inside the unit or a gas leak. We recommend contacting 24-hour furnace repair services in Houston, TX, without delay. 

  • A Cycle of On and Off

Is your furnace cycling on and off? A malfunction in the unit may prevent your furnace from completing its entire heating cycle. Either the heat sensor needs to be cleaned, or the fan motor is dying. Hire a professional to diagnose the issue and fix it.

  • Old Age

Nothing last forever! This statement is especially true for furnaces and other electronic devices. The average age of a furnace is 15 to 18 years. However, some models might last longer with proper maintenance. 

If you observe that your furnace has lost its efficiency and there is a sudden spike in the monthly utility bill, it can be due to the old age of the unit. Hire an expert for an upgradation. 

  • Unusual Loud Noise

It is usual for an HVAC unit to make noise while running. However, if the noise is loud and irritating, it can signal an issue with your furnace. A malfunctioning furnace will make a shake, roll, or rattling sound due to loose mechanical elements. On the other hand, whistling and squealing noise can be due to fan or belt issues. 

A professional will be able to find the underlying reason for this unusual noise and offer you the best solution. 

The Bottom Line

Don’t overlook the sign of the furnace failing. Seek professional assistance before the issue becomes too expansive to repair. 

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