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Converting Leads With CRM Software and Automation

The real estate industry has experienced significant growth over the past few years. With more people willing and able to invest in real estate, lead generation is high. The main problem now is not about generating leads but successfully converting them into sales. Many would-be clients lose interest due to a lack of information ( especially when they need it), a distraction from the goal at hand, or simply procrastination.

In most cases, prospective clients need more motivation to reignite their passion. This blog aims to improve your chances of turning leads into clients and closing more deals. Let us look at ways to convert real estate leads into clients with CRM to manage realtor business. We will also share other helpful tips. Let’s dive in.

CRM + Automation.

Your customer relationship management software and automated marketing is a highly versatile combo to help convert more leads into real estate leads. One of the primary functions of customer relationship management is that it pools client data from all your channels; website, social media, etc. With the data you have acquired from prospects, you get vital information such as personal information,  budget, preferences, and buying history.

This means you won’t lose any warm leads due to inefficiency and redundancy. CRM automation can significantly improve your engagement with potential clients and build quality relationships. With an automated system in place, you can create email templates and send automated, customized messages to prospects based on their interests or inquiries. You program the software to send them relevant emails at different stages through a process known as drip emailing.

You can use CRM software to help you with lead nurturing and scoring- Which means you can track or rank leads at different stages of the sales funnel. In simpler words, it lets you follow significant milestones in the funnel.   For instance, a prospect who has submitted a web form showing his desire to buy a house would rank higher than a lead who only created an account. The lead ranking or scoring gives you valuable insight into the nature of your prospective clients.

It also informs you on how to improve or tweak your marketing strategies to make the most of your resources. With the information from lead scoring, you can develop new marketing strategies for different prospects to move them into higher ranks and, inevitably, close more deals.

Other Helpful Tips for Real Estate Agents.

Have a great website: One of the things that leaves a lasting impression on leads is your website. You need a website that is highly optimized for clients and has answers to their pressing questions. By having a great website and providing excellent content, prospective clients will see you as reliable and be more inclined to have you as a partner.

Use great content in emails:  You don’t want your emails to be boring and irrelevant. It would be best to create templates tailored to the leads in various stages of your funnel. For instance, you can respond to lower-ranking prospects by sending them a mail with helpful investment tips or a home buying guide. You should create a template specifically for people in that group for opportunities who have indicated an interest in a property type.

Testimonials: Testimonials and reviews are a great way of building your credibility in the real estate market. When satisfied clients testify to the quality of your services, leads will be more likely to invest with you.


Lead conversion is one of, if not the most crucial aspect of your sales campaign- That is why real estate companies spend time and resources developing conversion strategies for different prospects at different stages of their sales funnel. CRM + automation is highly effective in converting leads into clients. It has many applications, from customer management and marketing to corporate real estate asset management.

The system pools all your lead data into one place, allowing you to seamlessly retain and convert leads by giving them relevant content that aligns with their buying goals and interests. If you haven’t adopted customer relation management software into your marketing campaign, we recommend you do so soon.

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