Freestanding Bath Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Option?

Exploring freestanding bathtubs can be ruffling because of the endless number of options available on the market. It is okay to get overwhelmed because choosing the right bathtub is a significant decision that requires detailed attention.

To make the search party for the perfect bathtub easier, you must get familiar with your requirements. Creating a spa-like bathroom is a dream for everyone, so ensure you pick up the right bathtub. We can make this hunt simple for you as we have developed a guide that will tell you everything you need to know about a freestanding bath. Without further ado, let’s get started.

freestanding bathtubs

Consider the size of the bathtub

Measure the space that is available in the bathroom to prevent future problems. Once the bathtub arrives, there will be no surprises about how it does not fit your bathroom. Also, measure in a way that there is sufficient space for other elements. You surely do not want your bathroom to look chaotic.

Leave space for the plumbing and see that you can easily access it. Plumbing is necessary for maintenance purposes as well. While measuring the bathroom is the most crucial aspect, you need to estimate the size of the walls, staircase, doors, or any other space from where the bathtub needs to pass to reach the bathroom.

No one wants it to get scratched or damaged in the process. Additionally, do consider the weight of the bathtub as well. Especially if you live on the second floor or above, carrying a heavy bathtub may be problematic. Assure that your floor is ready to support the weight of the bathtub and that the flooring won’t crack easily.

freestanding bathtubs

Style of the freestanding tub

Choosing the style depends on your taste, requirements, and how often you will use the tub. Here are some standard options that you can have a look at:

Single Ended

This style is the most popular in households as it has basic functionality and looks elegant. As the name suggests, one end is round, whereas the other features the faucet and drain. Also, this option is suitable for small and big bathrooms as it does not take up much space.

Double Ended

It arrives with two rounded ends, which means you can bathe on either side. With a slope on both sides of the tub, it can fit two people, depending on the tub size. Moreover, the drain and faucet are placed in the tub’s center.

Single Slipper

In this style, one end is for lounging while the other is for plumbing. The elevation of one end in the bathtub offers back support, and the tub makes the shape of a slipper, hence the name. It provides more comfort and is available in several sizes that can fit your bathroom.

Double Slipper

With elevation on both ends, it can easily accommodate two people comfortably. Just like double-ended bathtubs, this has a faucet and a drain in the middle of the tub. Since it inclines on both sides, you can enjoy back support on either end.

Japanese soaking

If you do not have much space to fit in a traditional style Kohler freestanding tub, this option is the best for you. It is not big lengthwise because the tub has more depth to it. An adult can sit in it and expect the water level to be on their shoulder. This makes the experience relaxing and supremely comfortable. Some tubs even have a seat inside the tub that adds to the luxury.

The aspect of bathtub material

If you are flipping through the pages to find a freestanding bath for sale, you may notice the overwhelming variety of materials available. Every style and material has its own set of benefits, and it entirely depends on your choice.


If we talk about the most popular and in-demand material, it has to be acrylic. It is available in almost every style, shape, and size, making it convenient for users. Also, they are lightweight as compared to other options, so carrying them up and down or fitting them in the bathroom won’t be a problem.

Cast Iron

For those who prioritize durability and heavy material, cast iron is your choice. The best thing about this material is its ability to maintain itself as it does not get scratched easily. Keeping bathtubs such is pretty simple as they require regular cleaning and nothing else.

Solid Surface

Tubs with solid surfaces are usually made up of resin. With a hard surface, they have premium quality material and appearance. Installation of these bathtubs is hassle-free, and maintaining it is just as easy. Moreover, these tubs arrive with an integral drain and overflow system that is inbuilt into the walls.

Copper, stainless steel, and stone are other options that can enhance the bathroom’s look. Each has pros and cons, so you can research more about them before finalizing any option.


Significance of Tub Faucet

There are numerous options for tub faucets in the bathtub. However, the availability of faucets depends on the tub you are going for. Rolled rim, tap deck with or without drilling, and inner wall tub drilling are some choices you can choose. For instance, acrylic and cast iron bathtubs arrive with multiple options for faucets, and you can choose any one you like the most. Do read more about them to see which one will fit your requirements perfectly.

Kohler is the king of freestanding bathtubs

Regardless of what option you choose, a bathtub adds an element of luxury and extravagance to the bathroom. Make your bath time fulfilling by selecting the best product with Kohler. Do extensive research, compare different products and narrow down a few to see what you like the best before making a final decision. There is no sign of that at Kohler you can look after the wide variety of freestanding bathtubs equipped with the trendy colors, shapes, size, features and much more. So, without any further doubt, enjoy the incredible collection of Kohler bathtubs today.

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