Getting Your Child to Speak Another Language

Have you ever heard someone speak a foreign language and wished you could do the same? Or do you wish your child to be like the language speaker? Many people say yes to questions like this. Apart from being cool and smart, knowing a different language would change your world. Here are some ways to teach your child a foreign language.

Why should your child learn another language?

Learning a new language benefits you and your child in many ways.

The effects of learning a new language have long been studied, and the results are astonishing. Individuals that learn a second language or more languages have an increase in their cognitive abilities. This includes improved spatial abilities, enhanced problem solving and critical thinking skills, and better memory.

Learning a new language makes you a global citizen. You get to understand a new culture deeper than most people. Learning skills also build confidence in young children and adults.

Best ways to get your kid to learn.

Start early

As we age, our ability to learn new languages diminishes. One of the best ways to help your child to learn another language is to introduce it to him very early. Toddlers and babies are fast learners and pick up on languages quickly. They can also learn more than one language at a time. A good example of this is the case of a child born to parents that speak different languages. Their brains are very pliable and malleable.

Learn together

A fun and easy way to get your child to learn another language is to learn together (p.s, no one is ever too old to learn a language). This way, you can act as a tutor and fellow student. Start with the basics, like counting to ten, identifying shapes, pronouns, and commonplace items. After a while, you can introduce him to kid-friendly shows, or online language learning programs for kids. Although they assimilate quickly, children may still have a few problems pronouncing some technical words. An example of this is the rolled Rs in Spanish.

Enroll him in a class

You will find that getting a tutor is a fantastic way to teach your child a new language. You can enroll him in French, Dutch, Indonesian, or Spanish for primary children. Tutors may use a more controlled method of teaching Spanish compared to when they get all their information from TVs and other speakers. Many Spanish classes for primary students are comfortable for toddlers and older kids.

Where I live, there is this school with a big banner that says “learning Spanish for beginners in Shelbyville”. I went in one day to check how things were done since I was a beginner. Let’s just say I never went back after my first day. I know you’re eager to have your child learn a new language, but make sure you do a proper background check on any place that teaches.

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