Guide to ITIN Application Online Service In Florida

Individual taxpayer identification number or ITIN is an important 9-digit number issued by the internal revenue service for someone living in America and is not assigned by a Social security number. This number works as their social security number and allows them to enjoy several perks as a U.S. citizen. It allows the government to get taxes from the immigrants and allows the people to file tax returns. A lot of people feel that there is a constant confusion regarding ITIN tax services in Florida, FIRPTA solutions and services, or ITIN application online service. Nowadays, many agents provide FIRPTA solutions and services or ITIN services. However, due to a lack of information, many people find it difficult to understand the working of each service. Let us try and understand some of the common facts regarding ITIN and FIRPTA solutions and services.

ITIN application and how to apply

An ITIN application form can be filled by U.S. residents, non-resident aliens, as well as their dependents online or, can be sent by mail or submitted in person at the Internal revenue service. One of the important aspects on which the acceptance of your ITIN application depends is the W-7 form. A W-7 form is a well-guided form that needs to be filled correctly to avoid rejection or delay. An ITIN application online service is the fastest way to get your Individual taxpayer identification number without much hassle.

Steps involved in applying for the ITIN application process by ITIN application services

Before applying for your ITIN, several ITIN application services follow certain steps to ensure that the entire process can go smoothly. The steps of applying for your Individual taxpayer identification number by ITIN application online service can be divided into 4 parts.

• The reason for applying- There are various reasons one applies for the ITIN. It can be for enjoying tax treaty benefits, passive income in the form of FIRPTA withholding tax, scholarships, and much more. ITIN is not applied to anyone, and a few criteria need to be met to get one’s Individual taxpayer identification number. Therefore, it is important to understand the reason for applying for ITIN and do proper research to determine if one fulfills the criteria for applying.

• Proof of identification- Another important aspect while applying for ITIN is to confirm one’s foreign status and identity by providing identification documentation. Documents like passports, driving licenses, etc., need to be provided when applying for the ITIN. There are around 13 acceptable documents that an individual can submit to get their ITIN. One can find the list of accepted documentation on the official website.

• Confirmation of Identity- Before an ITIN service provider moves forward with your application, it is generally asked for an individual to have a one-on-one conversation with the agent to confirm their identity. It can be done by scheduling a face-to-face meeting or via various online portals like Skype, Zoom, Google meets, etc.

• Applying for your ITIN- Once the identity of an individual is confirmed, they move forward with submitting your application. If all the processes are done according to the guidelines, it takes a minimum of seven weeks to get your tax identification number.

The need for ITIN tax services in Florida

Applying for ITIN, tax return, FIRPTA, etc., are filled with technicalities that need to be considered. These technical terms and rules can confuse a common individual with no understanding of these technicalities. An ITIN tax service in Florida allows individuals to pay their taxes and apply for tax returns without much of a hassle. These ITIN tax services in Florida stay up to date with the changes and are well versed with all the technicalities. Furthermore, these service providers can also aid in getting higher tax returns and enjoy several other benefits.


When it comes to ITIN application, Taxes, and FIRPTA, these online services greatly help common individuals with little to no understanding of these technicalities. They aid in getting the Individual taxpayer identification number for U.S. residents, non-resident aliens, as well as their dependents. Furthermore, they also aid them in paying their taxes, filing tax returns, and giving individual financial guidance.

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