How the Ho’opononpono support program can be used in healing relationships

Ho’opononpono which was once a secret Hawaiian program and method of healing has become a universally embraced therapy method to help people heal, recover and experience happiness, sound health, and wealth. It works on the mentality of people and their subconscious mind that harbors grievances and any form of negativity that can inhibit their mental and psychological well-being. The Ho’opononpono support program has been able to empower several people who have engaged with the program through books, audio and physical engagement to achieve the perfect life they desire to have. The method of healing through the Ho’opononpono prayer of forgiveness has work tremendous.  Through the cleaning process, Ho’opononpono healing relationships have brought back those who were are loggerhead together by firstly forgiving self and forgiving others which put end to obstacles.

How the support program of Ho’opononpono works

To heal and recover from ugly situations being faced, you will have to put into practice the prayer of forgiveness and reconciliation of Ho’opononpono through frequent repetition of “I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you”. You put these words into saying every time someone or something troubles you. Doing so will become part of you, cleaning and cleansing your mind from all forms of bitterness. With the Ho’opononpono program, you can rewrite your life, guiding against whatsoever that can come to your mind telling you that you are not good enough or you are not the best or perfect fit for something or someone. Ho’opononpono cleansing will help you to wipe off all those unpleasant memories. The life you live out is a reaction to what you have allowed your mind to draw from the experiences of life and retain in your subconscious. However, if you practice the program, your life won’t be the same again, having clarity and embracing love.

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Healing relationships through the Ho’opononpono program

Ho’opononpono has been used as a potent tool to heal relationships, and resolve conflicts and differences among companions and families. Relationships are very important in the lives of humans, making us thrive, draw and share the experience with others and live a meaningful life. No human can live in isolation. But as vital as a relationship is, it can cause lots of disaster and damage to our emotions and mental state. When there is rancor in a familial, romantic, and or platonic relationship, healing the relationship is what can make us live a meaningful life and move on and the Ho’opononpono mantra can help us with the healing.

To heal your relationship through the mantra, meditate on the feeling you desire after you have resolved the matter. After you have known the result you want at the end, give reference to the situation that brings about the rift between you and the other party and release everything that got you to that point in your mind by chanting the Ho’opononpono mantra with intention and purpose. Repeat the mantra over and over again every minute and daily to overcome the situation.


The Ho’opononpono healing relationship is simple and easy and one thing about saying the mantra is that you don’t necessarily need to tell the person or thing involved. By engaging the Ho’opononpono support program in your mind, you will get healed from the hurt and live a better and loving life.

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