How to Get Rid of Weed Smell

Weed has a very distinctive smell, and many people will recognize it at first whiff. The aroma is evidence, and it’s hard to discreetly smoke weed from fast delivery weed in Waterloo if you leave behind its scent. Haven’t we all tried the “It’s my incense, mom!” excuse? It never works.

None of them are better than preventing the weed smell from hanging around in the first place. If you don’t want to worry about the smell of weed or if you don’t think your landlord or roommates will take too kindly to it, changing your smoking habits can help to mitigate the issue.

First, try to prevent the weed smell if you can

It’s so much easier to prevent a problem than it is to solve a problem. If you know you can’t smell like weed or if you need to be discrete about weed in your house, adopting better practices can prevent the weed smell from ever becoming a problem. Set yourself up for odor-free success.

Store your weed properly

If your weed is not in an airtight container stored away from light and heat, it’s going to go lose potency faster. It’s also going to make the entire room smell like weed. Airtight containers keep the aromas locked in, and avoiding heat prevents cannabinoids from evaporating into the air. Never keep your weed in a plastic jar or use a container for its aesthetic design. Function matters more than form in this scenario.

Smoke in the right environment

Smoking inside will make everything smell like weed. The smoke can travel through your air ducts and doom the whole house. The smell embeds itself into soft surfaces like carpets, couches, bedsheets, and clothing, even more, when it’s trapped within the confines of your walls.

Minimize contact with your body and the smoke

If you don’t want your body to smell like smoke, take a few precautions. Put together an “I’m going outside to smoke weed” outfit, and leave it in a zippered bag outside. Put on a thick smoking jacket or a hoodie if you have long hair you’d like to protect yourself from the smell of the smoke. If you’re smoking a joint or a blunt, you may want to consider buying weed from Big weed deal in Waterloo.

Try a low odor approach to smoking

Vape cartridges and dabs don’t produce smoke. The vapor has a little bit of an odor, but it goes away fairly quickly. You can vaporize your weed inside, and someone who walks in the room half an hour later would have no idea based on the way the room smells. The only giveaway is you snacking on sweets in your bathrobe.

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