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Natural Shampoo Bar FAQ 

Treat them with a natural shampoo bar if you want to pamper your hair and scalp. They will work like magic and allow you to rediscover, support, and nourish the beauty and radiance of your hair.

If you have heard about the fantastic perks of a zero waste shampoo bar, you might be planning to make a transition. You will also have some questions, and we are here to answer them.

Do Shampoo Bars Are As Good As Liquid Shampoo? 

The natural shampoo bar works better than liquid shampoo. They are handcrafted from natural ingredients that cleanse your hair, repair it, and nourish them. They gently remove the impurities and dirt from your scalp without stripping them of their natural oil.

As the shampoo bar is in the concentrated form, they lather less. It is good news as too much lather can mean powerful cleansing ingredients. It can be harsh to your scalp and dry it out.

Are All The Shampoo Bars Same? 

No, not all shampoo bars are the same. Many shampoo bars are non-organic. They contain synthetic chemicals, harmful detergents, and SLS.

While shopping for the zero waste shampoo bar, read the label about the ingredients. Pick a product enriched in natural ingredients and essential oils. Moreover, it should also be free from all the harsh chemicals.

How To Use Shampoo Bar?

Rub the natural shampoo bar between your wet hands to get a lather. With gentle circular movements, massage the shampoo on your scalp. Perform this action under the shower. When you are out of the shower, rub the shampoo on your hair with your finger.

Similarly, apply the shampoo on your crown and sides. With your chin tucked close to your chest, apply the shampoo to the back of your head.

How Long Do Shampoo Bars Last? 

How long shampoo bars last differ from brand to brand and the ingredients used to manufacture them. Moreover, it also depends on often you use them and how long your hair is.

Generally, if you wash your medium or long hair three times a week, the shampoo bars may last upto 1.5 to 2 months.

Will You Experience ‘Transition Period’ With Shampoo Bars?

A small percentage of new users of all-natural shampoo bars may experience a transition period. People who have short hair or don’t use chemical products on their scalp are less likely to experience the transition period. On the other hand, people who have long hair or don’t use 100% natural hair care products are prone to experiencing the transition period.

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