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Radha TMT having a Steel-Legacy of over 60 years belongs to the elite group of top three Sariya (TMT bar) manufacturers in the country. The company, through its flagship product Radha TMT and excellent services, is promoting the concept of “Global Technologies, Made in India”. Radha TMT is a made-in-India brand with a global outlook and is far ahead of its rival top brands in the South Indian market share of TMT Steel.

Tmt bar manufacturers in Hyderabad

The company is producing TMT steel bars from virgin iron ore using state-of-the-art LRF (Ladle Refining Furnace) technology and is the leading high-quality TMT steel bar manufacturer in the southern part of the country catering to the needs of the infra industry of the area.

The LRF technique is the most advanced technology for producing the best quality TMT bars which are highly ductile, and excellent in tensile strength. In the LRF technique, the molten iron produced in a regular oxygen furnace is further proceeded in a Ladle furnace for refining, chemistry adjustments, additions, and alterations.

To ensure manufacturing the purest and highest-grade steel bars, Radha TMT uses RO water in the process. This leaves the steel with low sulphur and manganese content making them highly ductile and tensile. Radha TMT also recycles the water hence saving up to 95% of the water required in the process of manufacturing the steel.

The company’s two-flagship products Radha TMT 550D LRF and 500D are holding Lion’s share of the TMT business in south India. The company’s TMT bars 550D LRF and 500D which are highly durable have high tensile strength and ductility are the first choice of people for the construction of their houses and the most preferred choice of infra industry people in South India.

Best tmt bar in India

Radha TMT 550D LRF and 500D Steel Rebars are undoubtedly, the most preferred choice of infra industry people. The excellent ductility and strength of Radha TMT provide extremely robust strength to buildings and other infrastructure structures against earthquakes and other natural calamities. These Steel Rebars not only have good bonding properties to concrete but are also highly durable.

In Radha TMT 550 D LRF, 550 stands for minimum yield stress (stress needed to elongate the bar). The letter “500” “D” denotes Ductility which means that the Steel Rebars have a higher percentage of elongation that offer greater resistance to natural calamities and other stress factors.

Radha TMT steel bars of various diameters 8 mm onwards are manufactured using only high-quality raw materials in a fully automated high-speed mill using Superior LRF and German Quenching and Self-tempering technology -THERMEX® passes through the most stringent quality control tests at in house state of art modern testing labs before reaching the market shelves. Besides, Radha Smelters only Tata Tiscon and JSW have this technology. Check the steel price in Hyderabad Today

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