Six Types of window curtains according to Attachment Type in Calabasas

While the primary purpose of window curtains is to block light and provide privacy, they have other uses as well, like enhancing the home interior. The window curtains can be a purely decorative piece of fabric, or they can be functional in case your only objective is to block out light. There is no straight answer to what are different types of curtains. The curtains can differ based on the material, opacity, curtain style, and attachment style. In this handy guide, we are discussing curtains with different attachment styles. Consider these attachment styles while you shop for the best window curtains for the home in Calabasas.

Following are the window curtains with different attachment types.

Box Pleated curtains

These curtains are usually used in formal rooms like dining areas and study. They have neat and clean tailored, offering a clean appearance with deep folds that flow along the length of the window curtain.

Goblet pleated curtains

This attachment type is usually seen in the rooms like formal dining areas and ballrooms. The pleats at the top of the curtains resemble an inverted wine bottle. You usually don’t find these curtains in homes. This is where they are highly recommended for people looking for something unique for the dining area. Guests visiting your place for dinner will certainly appreciate the unique appearance of goblet pleated best window curtains for the home in Calabasas.

Tab top curtains

These curtains are hung by fabric loops that the curtain rod is threaded through. These loops feature buttons stitched as a decorative piece. Tab top curtain is a contemporary attachment style that gives your room a great appearance.

Eyelet curtains

These are considered opened and closed window curtains featuring a ring sewn into the curtain where the curtain rod slides through. In other words, the curtain hangs on the rod that passes through the rings that lie in the curtain fabric.

Rod pocket curtains

This type of attachment style is used in casual settings. They feature a pocket that is sewn at the top of the curtain fabric. This curtain fabric passes through the pockets in and outside.

Pinch pleated curtains

This attachment style features pinch pleats that can vary depending on your preferences. These pinch pleats are given to create folds in a curtain to make it a more decorative piece, giving the entire curtain a more formal appearance.

The final take

There is a lot more that goes into making your home more beautiful. Hopefully, these attachment styles give you a different perspective to hang the curtains in your home and create a unique appearance like never before.

We strongly recommend working with a window treatment expert, not only for the window curtain but also for the other window treatments like custom window drapery treatments. When selecting the fabric according to your needs and perfectly hanging the curtain is not in your expertise, working with a window treatment expert seems the right alternative. They will join you and ensure you receive the best window curtains for your home in Calabasas.

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