Are you in need of some healing? Would you like to know about the best spiritual techniques for recovery? The Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian forgiveness technique and a self-healing practice. Regardless of the problem, these techniques can guide you on the path to solving your situation, and you do not even have to know the cause of the problem. This Ho’oponopono technique is also known to help individuals free themselves from anything that doesn’t work for them. The ancient spiritual approach frees you from the burden of your memories accumulated in your subconscious mind,  and allows you to become a reflection of what you indeed are; love. It also guides you on the right path, such as how to pick your friends wisely.

Here are the four most famous techniques that help you practice it.

Repentance: The Ho’oponopono starts with repentance. Most people believe in this practice that you must first repent for whatever could be in you that created the problem. Once you take responsibility and realize there has been something in you (a memory playing in your subconscious mind), it is natural that you feel sorry.  We are not talking about guilt here. Just sorry for whatever memories replaying in us.

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Reparation: Asking for forgiveness is the following and essential technique you should take. Here, you ask for forgiveness and the opportunity to make the amends. You do not have to bother about who you are asking for forgiveness from, but you are actually asking forgiveness from the God inside of you. And again, just memories replaying in you.

Thank you: This step in the Ho’oponopono technique involves saying thank you. You can say these words mentally to anybody or anything; it doesn’t matter who or what you are saying it to; what matters is that you are saying it. Do not do this once; ensure you are in the practice of saying thank you all the time. You do it mentally even if you don’t feel it.

I Love You: This is the last of the four techniques and an important one. In this step, all you need to do is say I love you mentally. Say it to everything around you repeatedly. You do not have to mean it or feel it while you say it. Love completes the process.


The Ho’oponopono techniques can guide you on so many paths to finding your true self, including how to pick your friends wisely and attract the right people in your life. When practicing this technique, you mustn’t take it as a one-off thing. Ensure you affirm this mantra as often as possible. Ho’oponopono has to be practiced 24-7 because memories play 24-7. You can say it in the following manner: “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” Or just simply repeat Thank you or I love you, or any combination. Always follow your own inspiration.

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