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The Right Guide to Custom Tuxedos for Weddings

Getting custom tuxedos for weddings is a great way to look the exact way you want for the event. However, if you have never purchased a suit or custom tuxedo before, this may be pretty difficult to do. For this reason, this is a quick guide that will help you get your very own custom tuxedo.

Read on to know what to expect, what details you may want to introduce, and how to get one.

What Are The Various Pieces of a Custom Tuxedo?

Finding the proper wedding suits for men online can be tedious and involve a complicated process. You may be admiring the flamboyant shirts and the pleated pants people wear with them, but there is more to a tuxedo than a couple of items.

Depending on what you want to buy and where you choose to buy it, below are some essential pieces of a tuxedo or suit.

  • White shirt
  • Jacket
  • Bow tie
  • Pants

Also, depending on your most preferred style or the occasion, here are the optional items to accompany your tuxedo.

  • Suspenders
  • Vest
  • Pocket square

Check Out Something Classic

As soon as you are ready to get a custom tux for Philly mag Weddings in Philadelphia, you need to think about the tux you want. Choosing a classic black tuxedo is a timeless decision, as you can wear it to all sorts of formal events, over and over. You can choose to play around with trendy suits and bold colors or consult a professional to advise you on a better first custom tux for the event.

Confirm The Details

Just because you chose a black tuxedo does not instantly make it a classic style, but a few specific details here and there can transform a traditional black tux into something more contemporary.

Here are a few quick tips for pulling off a classic tux look:

  • Black tuxes are pretty great, but a midnight blue colored tux is your next best solid option for Philly mag weddings in Philadelphia
  • Select a pair of polished black lace-up opera or oxford pumps.
  • Ensure you have a single-breasted one-button jacket with a fantastic lapel on the list
  • Choose a shirt collar style, but to feel safe, you can go with a wing or turndown collar
  • Select a satin for the facing of your tux. The facing is the material on your lapels and trouser piping. Note that it should always match the color of your tux.
  • Pick a quality waistcoat that matches the facing of your lapel
  • Complete your look with the proper formal accessories, including your silk socks, cufflinks, suspenders, and a bow tie that matches the facing of your lapel.

Spend a Bit More Than You Planned

You want to be able to wear your wedding suits for men again and again. It is not the same thing as the wedding decor or cake, as they need to be changed to add color to the event. A quality suit and tuxedo will last even after the big day.

The best thing you may want to do is focus on the value, as it will help you get the most out of your spending. Investing in a good suit will provide you with a unique set of clothing you can wear to every formal event.

Communicate With Your Tailor

Communication is key. You may have some fantastic ideas on how you want to look for the big day, but none of it will make sense if it does not fit well. Your tux needs to work well from your shoulders down to your legs.

When you are ready to create your tux, ensure you set up virtual meetings with your tailor. You may want to discuss how you wish your tux to look and feel. They can help you with the right advice on fit and style.

Always remember that getting a tuxedo is an excellent investment. Besides, you will need to create a tux that you are confident and satisfied with.


Buying custom tuxedos for weddings is one of the significant decisions that will make a massive difference in your life and how you will feel about yourself in the next few years. As the big day draws near and you are ready, contact a professional suit and tux tailor to help you.


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