The significance of a Private Pilot Licence

Private Pilot Licence, as the name signifies, is subjected to make oneself proficient in flying an aircraft. However, you should know the difference between a PPL training and a CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence) training. Unlike any other automobile, commercial pilot training confers more aspects about an aircraft than that of a private pilot training.

What is a Private Pilot Licence?

If you are not willing to be a part of a commercial aviation company and want to get a pilot’s license just for your fun and entertainment, then PPL is the best option for you. PPL facilitates to fly of small-sized aircraft such as helicopters, choppers, etc., that can contain up to 10 people. The license also has limitations on the weight a private pilot can carry in a flight. Also, you cannot get fees or charges to fly an aircraft as it is with the commercial one. So, here to discuss the rules or the training modules for the Private Pilot Courses!

Private pilot ground course

This is a ground-level or basic training involved with all pilot training courses. The instructors offer training to the pupils regarding the basic things about an aircraft, and once the private pilot ground course gets completed, they take the trainees to the next phase of training.

The next step is to determine the right category for PPL training. There are different categories for PPL training available in the aviation institutes, such as,

Sport pilot licence

One of the newest forms of Private Pilot Licence is the sports pilot. If you aspire to fly a glider or something larger than the ultra-light, then certainly a Sports pilot is the option for you. You can fly 2-seater flights with not more than 1400lbs at the take-off and landing. Such training requires 20 hours of time for the flight prior to certification.

Recreational pilot licence

This includes sightseeing tours, discovery flights, etc. You must be thinking so far that these don’t require training. But it is important. The aviation institutes offer training to make oneself proficient in flying safely with the passengers and ensure a relieving recreational flight without any threat.

Student’s pilot licence

If you are a student and want to acquire a private pilot licence, you may be offered a student’s pilot licence. This, however, is conferred differently by different aviation institutes.

Get ready with the PPL starting with Private Pilot Ground Course and live your dream to the fullest!

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