Top Types of Blood Tests Offers by Mobile Phlebotomists

Blood tests are essential to the diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions. They can provide information about your health, immunity, and organ functions, as well as let you know if you’re at increased risk for certain diseases such as diabetes or cancer.

To get a blood test done, it’s usually necessary to visit an actual doctor at their clinic or hospital. However, there are several situations in which having on-site tests isn’t feasible, such as if you’re unable to leave the house due to age or illness.

That’s where a mobile phlebotomist in Los Angeles comes into play. A phlebotomist is a professional healthcare provider specializing in drawing blood for diagnostic purposes.

Here are some of the  top types of blood tests offered by mobile phlebotomists:

  1. Complete Blood Count (CBC)

It is also known as a complete blood count, peripheral blood count, or blood panel. It’s perhaps the most common and valuable test mobile phlebotomists give out to their patients.

The CBC determines the red and white blood cell counts in the patient’s blood while also checking for abnormal cells, clotting time, and other information.

  1. Lipid Panel

This particular test checks your cholesterol levels to assess your risk of cardiovascular diseases such as coronary artery disease and heart attack. The mobile phlebotomist in Los Angeles taking this blood sample from you would check your triglyceride levels and your high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and low-density lipoprotein (LDL).

  1. Pregnancy Test

It is one of the most common blood tests given out. It not only lets you know if you’re pregnant but also tells you about your baby’s health.

  1. Blood Typing Test

It lets you know what blood type you are, whether it’s A, B, AB, or O. Knowing your blood type is essential information for surgeries and medical procedures that require transfusion of blood products. It can also come in handy if an emergency ever happens when you need a quick blood transfusion.

  1. Blood Test for anemia

It’s a common type of blood test that checks your hemoglobin and hematocrit level, the most accurate anemia indicator. Too few red blood cells cause anemia, leading to fatigue and other health complications, so early detection is essential.

  1. Gender Reveal Blood Test

A mobile phlebotomist can give this type of blood test. It’s used to find out your baby’s sex before they are born—great for people with gender preference who don’t want to know ahead of time.

  1. Blood Transfusion

The blood bag is tested and then stored for future use when you donate blood. A mobile phlebotomist can test your blood at home to see if it’s fit for donation.

  1. Paternity Test

If you’re unsure whether the man you are with is your baby’s father, a paternity test may offer answers. It works by matching your baby’s DNA profile with the man’s.

  1. STD Test

This test checks for sexually transmitted diseases passed through sexual contact. The mobile phlebotomist would take a sample of blood from you and check it against an STD panel. It is important because, left untreated, these can lead to severe health complications such as infertility and cancer.

  1. Lead Poisoning Test

If you’re worried that your home may contain lead, this lab testing can give you accurate information about its presence in your bloodstream, which is used to determine the next course of action.

  1. Thyroid Function

If you suspect that your thyroid is not functioning correctly, this blood test can help determine the extent of the damage. It helps check if you need to take medication or make lifestyle changes to lessen your health.

  1. Lyme Disease Test

This type of blood test determines whether you have Lyme disease by checking for the presence of antibodies against Borrelia burgdorferi—the bacterium that causes this illness.

  1. Alcohol Level

A blood alcohol content test is a way for you to assess whether you’re fit to drive or operate machinery after drinking alcohol. It helps determine if your blood alcohol level was within legal limits. You can also use it to monitor your alcohol intake for health purposes.

  1. Pre-Employment Drug Test

In many cases, a mobile phlebotomist employed by a company can give you a drug test to assess whether you’re fit for the job. It usually requires a urine sample and is often done before the drug test.


These are just some of the numerous blood tests available for you to have. A mobile phlebotomist can help you get them done at your convenience. So, don’t wait for an emergency to happen before you get your blood tested.

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