Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System

We are entering the summer season, a time when we naturally want to get outside and play, enjoy nature, and relate to people we care about. As we do so, we can all take steps to ensure that our immune systems are as strong as possible, allowing us to keep harmful germs and viruses (including the coronavirus) at bay. Our bodies are better able to stay healthy all year if our immune systems are strong.

We can strengthen our immune systems by doing a few simple things every day. Remember to check in with yourself and buy supplements to boost immune system during the day to ensure you are assisting your body in remaining strong and healthy.

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Nourish Your Body With Nutritious Food And Stay Hydrated With Plenty Of Water.

Eating foods of all rainbow colors is one way to ensure that you are getting a full variety of vitamins. Your body will benefit if you eat fruits and vegetables of various colors (red, yellow, blue, green, and purple). Yellow and orange fruits and vegetables are high in vitamin C, green ones are high in vitamin K and folate, and blue and purple ones are high in antioxidants. Remember to limit your intake of sugars and processed foods, and cook your own meals with fresh vegetables as often as possible.

Relax – Take A Break From The Stress.

When we are stressed, our body systems tense up and produce hormones that start preparing us to fight or flee whatever threat we perceive. When these hormones circulate in our bodies for an extended period of time, they weaken our immune systems. Our bodies benefit when we make it a daily habit to take time to rest, play, enjoy ourselves and visit a Cooper health and wellness program to boost immune system. When we relax, our organ systems and all of our body’s systems can recharge. Allowing yourself time each day to do things that you enjoy will benefit your health.

Move – Ensure That Some Type Of Exercise Is Included In Your Day.

Consult your doctor to determine the best type and quantity for you. Participate in a sport, go for a walk or hike, swim, stretch, or dance! Daily exercise helps your immune system by improving the flow of blood and oxygen throughout their body, giving your immune system a better chance to fight off harmful organisms. It also helps to strengthen muscles, increase endurance, and combat anxiety and depression. When you exercise outside, you get to enjoy the natural world, and when you exercise with others, you get to enjoy the social ties you make.

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