What Seafood is the Best Seafood?

Any person who knows their way around the kitchen knows that the more fresh, chemical-free frozen meat there is when you’re making meals that require that, the better better meal will come together with less worries on your part. The beauty of having no weird side effects, no abnormalities and all the premium quality taste is not lost on the consumer and should never be taken for granted by distributors. For the best wild caught american shrimp or for the chance to buy chemical free wild caught shrimp, Global Aliment is the place to get the most premium-grade shrimp and other seafood on the market.

The selling point is really coming from several angles. Firstly, we have to consider what real concerns GMO-ridden, hormone stuffed foods posed to our health and development. A lot of what happens to our bodies are attributed to what we eat and as such, it’s always better to take an all natural approach where you can, the wild caught american shrimp is caught by local fishermen in their natural marine habitat by local fishermen in the waters off the coast of the South Pacific. After being caught and quality tested, they are immediately frozen to preserve their original taste and texture.

Another selling point is the sustainability of the methods. It operates under a two tiered approach, one being the actual fishermen and one being their method of fishing. The fishermen are locally-sourced and so it is both ethical and sustainable by utilizing the present community that exists in the areas we source from. Secondly, the methods the fishermen use do not utilize dangerous chemicals into the ocean or harm the fish population that exists in the water in any way.

We believe that while offering sustainability with the opportunity to buy chemical free wild caught shrimp along with products such as pantagonian toothfish, king crab and other seafood, we also have the added advantage of doing things in an economically and environmentally sustainable way that has excellent results. These results, of perfectly frozen seafood that maintains texture and taste, promise products that can be used in large scale or small scale distribution and are reliable for each and every meal.

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