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What to know about integrated video and access card security systems.

Places of business employ several security solutions to prevent all forms of crime and promote a safe and secure work environment. Two forms of security systems companies use are video surveillance and access control. In this piece, we take a look at the benefits of combining these two modes of the security system.

Video camera service

Video surveillance is one of the crucial elements of modern security, and it is nigh impossible to find a business without video cameras security system in Utah. The benefits it has are numerous. It is a clear deterrent, preventing theft and other forms of fraud. Other than that, it is a useful tool to prevent office harassment and altercations.

In a lawsuit, video evidence will prove helpful in exonerating guilt-free parties. All these provide a safe and secure environment for workers.

Card access services

Card access control systems have found application in all forms of buildings and establishments. As you might have guessed, this system only permits access to approved individuals. This could be through a key card, smartphone, or other means. The “key” sends information to an access control unit, and the system provides access only if it is an authorized individual. Card access systems effectively track who comes in and out of your system.

Combining video and access card security systems.

Video cameras & card access services in Utah combine the best elements of these two services. Video cameras and access services can be used synergistically to improve the security of a business or any establishment.

Having both of them in a centralized system provides a more robust means for identifying individuals going in and out of a building. In the case of a stolen access card, video evidence will make it easier to apprehend the perpetrator and clear the victim of any suspicion.

Integrated video surveillance and access control system improves efficiency- Rather than monitoring activities with different hardware, a simple software system will save time and energy. The added efficiency reduces labor costs and improves security efforts.

Combining video and access cards systems centralizes the data. This means it gathers information to one point. This makes surveillance and record-keeping much easier. Security experts will tell first few minutes after a crime are very crucial for recovery and to quickly apprehend perpetrators. In the advent of a crime, the security team can work faster to identify and track wrongdoers.

Companies with top security combine video and access card systems with other security solutions such as motion sensors, AI, etc, to strengthen their security.


Businesses and other establishments such as hospitals, churches need to be one step ahead in terms of security. Threats can come from within and outside your establishment, and video coverage and access control systems have proven useful for deterring, stopping crime, and creating a safe space for workers. Combining these two systems synergistically improves your pre-existing security. It saves time, increases efficiency, and reduces labor costs.

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