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When to Replace Your Garage Door Panels?

Most homeowners nowadays have more than one vehicle in their garage, which ultimately increase the use of garage doors. Moreover, an average garage door opens and closes approx. 1500 times a year for various reasons, including schools, colleges, work, doctor’s visits, etc. Because of this excessive use, the garage door panels and their parts tend to be cracked, even before the time. The average lifespan of a garage door is about 30 years with the right maintenance provided. Unfortunately, they are replaced quite earlier by a garage door panel Replacement Company in Rockwall, TX, because of lack of maintenance.

Following are reasons to replace your garage door panels;

If you find your garage door is damaged in an accident, but only one or two panels are affected, in that case, replacing those specific damaged garage panels is the best approach instead of replacing the entire door.

The garage door panels are often replaced when you notice potential signs of damage. If only multiple panels are damaged, you can replace those panels only. It would be more cost-effective. On the other hand, if color-matching garage door panels are faded due to sunlight exposure, replacing only the faded color-matching garage door panel is not a good idea. It can lead to an unappealing appearance, impacting the overall aesthetic and curb appeal.

Can the garage door panel be replaced DIY?

There is not a straight answer to this question. Because if you are well-trained or have prior experience in replacing the garage door panel, then go ahead. Otherwise, for the best results, you should directly approach professional garage door installation services. Garage doors are heavier and require expertise to get the installation done correctly. Most importantly, the majority of people don’t have the right tools and equipment to replace the garage door panels, and buying new tools and equipment is a costly affair.

When to replace the entire garage door?

    • Your garage door is noisy– Garage doors are generally quiet when opening and closing. However, the older garage doors can start making noise because of dust and dirt stuck in the springs and other components. This could be a sign to either repair or garage door panel replacement in Rockwall, TX.
    • Your garage is not enough safe or secure- If it is an older garage door, then it lacks the advanced safety features that you see nowadays in garage doors. For instance, an automatic reversal system prevents the door from closing when a person, animal, or object is in its path. You don’t find these features in older garage doors. Likewise, there are many more safety features that you only find in garage doors designed nowadays.
    • Your garage door is outdated- If you have done home renovation and everything is advanced and updated in your home, having an outdated garage door does not make sense. It must be updated as well to ensure it complements the rest of the aesthetic of your property. Therefore, if your garage door is left to update, then contact with garage door Replacement Company to get new garage door installation done in Rockwall TX.
    • Garage door is sagging- If the door is made of wooden, it can decompose and lose its color because of moisture and UV rays. The garage doors with panels that have been sagged, then it will reduce the aesthetic appeal of your home. In that case, they need to be replaced before the sagging issue becomes more severe. Open your garage door is off-balance; it may have broken springs. If you notice any such issue, then consider replacing your garage door as quickly as possible.
    • Your garage door has stopped working- Your garage door should be open and close quickly with a command of your remote control or the opener. But if it does not happen, you should consider replacing it. Even if it opens and closes slowly, you should consider a new garage opener installation in Rockwall TX. If any of the garage parts cause the entire door not to work anymore, then it is suggested to allow the professional to inspect your gate and check what’s wrong with the garage door. If they suggest, you replace it, the replacement with the new ones that are more efficient.

The final words

Whether it is garage door panel replacement or garage door springs replacement in Rockwall, TX, seek professionals who have high knowledge, experience, and expertise in replacing your garage door.

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