Which Spaces in Your Workplace Need Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is an important part of running a successful business. No matter what industry you are in, keeping your workplace clean and sanitary is crucial.

It will make your employees happier and more productive and help protect them from germs and illness. This blog post will discuss which spaces in your workplace need regular cleaning by experts.

1. Office Space

The office is the most important space in your workplace that needs to be cleaned regularly. A clean and well-organized office can help improve productivity and morale among employees.

Commercial cleaning services can help you keep your office space clean and organized. They can also provide you with tips on maintaining a clean and healthy work environment.

For example, the desk is one of the most important areas in your office space. A clean desk can help you focus on your work and be more productive.

2. Break Room

Break rooms are the places where your employees take their meals and relax. It is important to keep these areas clean, not just for appearances but also for hygiene. A dirty break room can lead to sick days and decreased productivity.

Your break room should be cleaned regularly, with the following areas being given special attention:

-The fridge: This is where employees store their food, so it needs to be clean and free of mold or food particles.

-The microwave: This is one of the most used appliances in the break room, so it should be cleaned often to prevent the spread of bacteria.

-The sink: This is where employees wash their hands and dishes, so it needs to be clean and free of dirt and grime.

-The table: This is where employees eat their meals, so it should be wiped down after each use.

-The floor: This should be swept and mopped regularly to prevent dirt and debris from building up.

Commercial cleaning services in Sacramento can offer all these services at affordable rates and help you keep your workplace clean and free of germs.

3. Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are often where first impressions are made. You want your clients and customers to see a well-organized, clean space that reflects the professionalism of your company. Unfortunately, dusty surfaces, dirty windows, and cluttered counters reflect poorly on your business. A commercial cleaning company will ensure your meeting room is always ready for guests.

For example, experts in window cleaning in Sacramento will keep your windows streak-free and sparkling. They’ll also dust window sills, frames, and ledges so that every surface shines. Professional cleaners will even clean the light fixtures and ensure all the switch plates are free of fingerprints and smudges.


Commercial properties are a big investment, and regular cleaning is essential to protecting that investment. By hiring commercial cleaners, you can ensure that your property is cleaned correctly and thoroughly.

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