Who Is Lyndrea Price? Check Out Her Biography, Net Worth, Family

Lyndrea Price is one of the names that many aren’t familiar with, but. She is a person worth keeping an eye on. Although she is only 41 she has already accomplished many things and has an exciting outlook for the future. So , who are Lyndrea Price? Let’s discover!

Who is Lyndrea Price?

Lyndrea Price is famous as the older step-sister of tennis superstars Venus as well as Serena Williams. Born in 1978 she was able to keep some aspects of her life off of the public records like her exact date of birth and birthplace. However she is widely regarded as an entrepreneur and businesswoman who is successful.

In 2001 she co-founded Eleven an apparel brand along with the sister Venus. The brand was developed for the woman who is active in mind and has proven to be success in catering to the needs of this market. In addition to her involvement as an Eleven, Lyndrea has also been an Venus Williams Brand Ambassador. In this capacity she has been able to market Venus’s numerous brands as well as endorsement deals.

All in all, Lyndrea Price is a successful businesswoman who has gained from her close connection and her sisters. Although she is mostly out from the spotlight but she has made an impressive impression in the realms of marketing and fashion.


Lyndrea Price was born in in 1977 , in the United States of America. She will turn 44 this year. Her father’s name is Yusef Rasheed, and her mother’s name is that from Oracene Price. Two siblings are named butunde Price aswell and Isha Price. She also has two half-siblings. They are Venus and Serena Williams. Serena Williams is a citizen of the United States. She holds an American citizenship, and she adheres to Christianity.

In addition, she is the African American ethnicity. In terms of the formal education level she was educated in the local school that is close to her hometown. Additionally, she finished her studies at university.

The Family History of Lyndrea Price’s

Lyndrea Price’s father was Richard Dove Williams, Jr.. His birthdate was the 14th of February 1942 in Shreveport, Louisiana. He was the tennis trainer for Venus Williams and Serena Williams.

Three times he was married from his first marriage . He has 3 children, 2 daughters that Richard was in a position to raise his daughter from the woman he first got married to. When Richard first met the second woman he got married to the woman was already married and had three daughters , and one of them was Lyndrea Price. He had a second spouse who was a mother, and they had two daughters. Venus and Serena.

He was married again from 2010 to 2017 and also had an infant son. He also had one son who was member of an affair which did not belong to his marriage. He also had children were adopted out of marriage, in the total Richard Williams has thirteen children.

Lyndrea Price’s mother is identified as theOracene Price born on 3 April 1952 in Saginaw, Michigan. Oracene Price was a famous American tennis instructor. Her most famous accomplishment is being the mother of Venus and Serena Williams. Her divorce was from Richard Williams in 2002, because of irreconcilable differences, and also reverting her surname back to Price.

Price is considered to be an very feminine and spiritual woman and is the idol of numerous mothers of black women most likely because she was an important influencer in the athletic achievements of her daughters as icons of the sport. However, the focus tends to be centered in her role as a mother, rather that as an athlete and Price is often considered to be a sludgy figure in her time.

Lyndrea Price has a large range of sister, with seven siblings in the family. The two sisters she’s most famous for are Tennis players, Venus and Serena Williams.

Venus Williams, born in 1980, is a seven-time Grand Slam title winner in Singles. Serena born in 1981 is the the 23rd Grand Slam title winner in Singles. Both women have been ranked by the Women’s Tennis Association in the number. One singles spot and Doubles. In 2002, following the French Open, sisters Venus and Serena were ranked the No. 1 and 2 respectively this was their first appearance in the same year in tennis history. Tennis. There are also multi-gold medalists.

Lyndrea Price Professional life

Lyndrea Price is dedicated woman who works in one kind of work. It is an apparel design as well as a fashion merchandiser. In addition to her job, she has been involved in different projects too. For instance, she was in the wardrobe and custom department in television shows such as Game On!, King Richard and many more.

Lyndrea Price Net worth

Lyndrea Price leads a luxurious lifestyle with her family. Because of the fame she has earned and her fortune earned from her lengthy career and business determination. Her net worth totals about $150,000 US in dollars in 2022.

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