Who Is Ramneek Sidhu? Entrepreneur & Digital Kings’ Owner

If you are a fan of business news or stories in any way and you are a business person, then Ramneek Sidhu might be a name likely to be familiar to you. Though the 26-year-old digital marketing professional was barely unknown in the past however, he has become an internet fame in the last couple of months because of several viral Youtube videos and his remarkable accomplishments in the realm in digital marketing.

In particular, he is the creator Of Digital Kings, which is an internationally recognized marketing and advertising agency. His clients consist of many of the most prestigious people in the world as well as Hollywood as well as Bollywood stars. He founded the company at the tender age of twenty and has since established himself in the business and technology world. A lot of young entrepreneurs are inspired by him, as his story is inspirational.

In this article from Real Business, we’ll take closer on the story of the Ramneek S Sidhu and what small- and medium-sized entrepreneurs can take from his.

The background of Ramneek Sidhu

Ramneek Sidhu was born and was raised in the town of Mohali, Punjab, in India. The city, which is small in size, is famous for its cricket fields as well as shopping and historic homes. When he was a kid, Ramneek was considered as different from the other kids due to his inventive ideas. Infatuated by social media from the age of 7 He would come up with ideas about ways that celebrities’ social media handles could be optimized.

Sidhu has an academic background. His LinkedIn profile indicates that he completed a BTech in Computer Science at Rayat and Bahra Group of Institutes. Then, he served as the head of Digital for a local business (2013-2016) before eventually taking the risk and remuneration – by setting up an own digital marketing company.

Ramneek Sidhu has been known to put in the effort and commitment to everything he does whether it’s for himself or for a different company. The desire to discover new things as well as his determination and vision is what makes him stand out and have helped bring him to where the position he’s at today.

Ramneek Sidhu’s source of inspiration

Every successful entrepreneur typically has a variety of entrepreneurs as role models they rely on to get their inspiration. In the case of Ramneek Sidhu, he set goals high, influenced by famous people such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos, all of who are highly accomplished entrepreneurs in their specific fields. Sidhu was a child witnessing their rise to fame. With such high-profile characters as his models It is evident that Sidhu would not accept anything less than the best.

Digital Kings

In 2015, Sidhu created Digital Kings when he was only 20 years old, the age that many young adults are trying to decide what they want to accomplish in their life. Despite having many things to attend to in 2015, when the year he was enrolled in his BTech at the Rayat Bahra Institute of Engineering and Biotechnology, Mohali in Punjab He was able to pursue his passion by establishing his own digital marketing business. The premise of the business is that it will oversee social media platforms, with a focus upon Instagram and Youtube and other platforms. One of his objectives was to assist accounts that had expired get back to the top of their game through the use of creative strategies.

Digital Kings very quickly grew to new heights and in just a few years, it had become one of the most prominent digital marketing firms in worldwide! The amount of success Digital Kings has achieved is amazing. Digital Kings is famous for managing a number of celebrity accounts which include Hollywood as well as Bollywood stars. Ramneek Sidhu is also a business with office locations in India as well as Dubai and is planning to establish more establishments in Canada.
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With all the other companies in the field of digital marketing available How did Sidhu attain the level of success it has achieved? One of Sidhu’s greatest qualities is that he holds an amazing vision of the future and pursues that goal with a fervent determination. He is determined to accomplish all of his goals. He also devotes much time looking into current trends in the market in order to identify potential problems and finding creative solutions to issues.

Because of this it is believed that he is an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs.

His social media accounts

Ramneek Sidhu shows what he can do in this world through having a substantial social media following of his own. His own profile on Instagram has over 303k users as of the writing time of this piece, which makes him a very famous person in the world of his own. His Instagram account, the photographer posts some of his ideas and also his daily life and adventures, which generally include Dubai, Russia and South Korea.

In addition to Instagram In addition, he has earned a hefty amount of recognition on Youtube. A few video clips from the Youtube videos are the reason for the reason his current popularity with the one among his Youtube videos receiving more than two million hits! YouTube videos provide more information about his background, life and professional life. He’s not scared or hesitant to talk about his life on the internet, which certainly has been a key element to his success.

The path he takes isn’t always smooth However, he faces every challenge head on. He is not convinced that you have reached the top of his profession, and he strives every day to achieve new heights of success.

We can learn from Ramneek Sidhu?

Anyone looking to become a Gen Z, Millennial or older entrepreneurs can look up Ramneek Sidhu’s novel. The fact that he’s achieved such remarkable success at such a young age indicates that anything is achievable when you set up your own company. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that success did been not easy and there’s a certain amount of dedication, determination and passion that is required in order to reach this level.

Despite his successes, Sidhu has remained incredibly humble. It is his humility and generosity that make Sidhu an ideal role model.

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