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All You Need to Know About Property Development Feasibility

In life, everything requires a good deal of planning to ensure success. It is not so different when it comes to property development too. When you are interested in a certain real estate investment, you need to know if it would result in a return in profits or end up being a total loss. This is where property development feasibility comes in.

What is property development feasibility?

Property development feasibility is defined as a study done to predict the outcome of the development of a property. In simpler terms, it predicts if the development of a particular property would be worth it or not.

For example, if a study on property development feasibility in portland or any location is carried out, the feasibility would take into account; the location, the cost, and the expected economic returns to mention but a few. This way any investor in portland would know if the property is something to invest in or avoid.

What is included in a property development feasibility study

A property development feasibility study takes everything that has to do with the development of a property into consideration. Just like the property development assessment in Portland, OR, the assessment or study report would outline everything you need to know including the permit process and the land usage rights to mention but a few.

Although the contents of study reports may differ depending on the person in charge of the study, here are some of the popular features you can expect in the study report

Public infrastructure availability

Laws concerning land use

Geological investigation

Structural engineering

Report on the environmental study


Water and sewage system

And so many more.

When these are considered in a study for property development feasibility in portland or any other location, any investor can determine if the property is truly the right way to go.

Benefits of property development feasibility study

Increased probability of success

When a study is done right, it creates a sort of pathway or route for any investor to follow when developing a property. This way, unnecessary costs are avoided

Greater profits

A property development assessment in portland OR or any other location would help avoid unnecessary costs, which gives more chances for a greater return in profits.


When a property development feasibility study is done right, the project is either half away done or avoided outrightly depending on the result of the study.

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