All You Need To Know Before Getting Nail Extensions

Artificial nails are applied to the natural nail and then coated with gel or nail lacquer. Tips and forms are two types of nail extensions; tips cover the end of the nail, while forms cover the entire surface. You can buy nail extensions and apply them yourself at home or have them professionally

Applied at beauty nails and spa West Vienna. Before you decide if nail extensions are good for you or not, here are a few things to consider.

  1. You’ll Require The Services Of A Professional Nail Technician

It’s a fact that you’ll need to get the application done by beauty nails and spa West Vienna. Most individuals, however, believe that you can remove the extensions using a nail file and acetone at home. Please take my word for it: attempting to remove nail extensions without the assistance of beautiful nails and spa West Vienna is not a good idea.

  1. They’re good for 3 to 4 weeks.

Unfortunately, as much as we’d like them to last indefinitely, nail extensions only last 3 to 4 weeks. Because your nail has grown, there will be a gap between the acrylic extension and your cuticle after a few weeks. You’ll need to have them refilled or entirely removed to fix this. Whatever you choose, make sure diamond nails and spa West Vienna carries it out. 

  1. There are two kinds: gel and acrylic.

Although acrylic and gel nail extensions appear to be the same, there are a few variances. Acrylics are applied by gluing an artificial nail tip to the lengths of your nails and then applying a powder and liquid monomer combination. On the other hand, Gel extensions are applied to the real nail bed with a readymade mix.

Advantages of nail extensions


Nail extensions, without a doubt, can hide practically any natural nail fault for a beautiful, flawless appearance. This is because nail extensions lack the ridges of natural nails; buffing and polishing are not required before applying nail polish, resulting in a smoother and more appealing appearance. Diamond nails and spa West Vienna, whether in a tip or a form, provide a great canvas for nail art.

Protection for Natural Nails

Beauty nails and spa West Vienna can preserve brittle nails prone to breaking and splitting, even though they can be harmful to your health. Over a day, broken or split nails can become infected from coming into contact with everyday objects. The natural nail can recuperate if it is covered with a high-quality extension done appropriately and in a sanitary manner. The wearer does not have to worry about her hands’ health.

Disadvantages of nail extensions

Health Risks

Nail extensions can become infected and compromise the health of your natural nails and nail bed if they are placed incorrectly or use unhygienic instruments and adhesives. When you apply for nail extensions, you risk acquiring a nail infection. However, with diamond nails and spa West Vienna, the risks are minimal as it will be professionally done. Long-term usage of incorrectly or badly put nail extensions might inhibit natural nail development and harm the nail bed. Nail extensions can preserve brittle nails prone to breaking and splitting, even though they can be harmful to your health.

Reduced dexterity

For first-time wearers, beauty nails and spa West Vienna have an artificial feel that can be unpleasant. When you reach for an object or a surface, your nail extensions are the first to touch it, which creates an odd experience because your fingertips are used to performing the touching. You can typically get used to it, but any nail extension reduces your physical skill to some amount; the longer the extension, the more difficult it is to perform routine chores that take no additional thought with natural nails.

These are some facts concerning nail extensions, but the drawbacks can be avoided if used properly and with prudence. It is, nevertheless, preferable to have it done properly through beauty nails and spa West Vienna.

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