Oxygen Concentrator: A Home Oxygen Therapy

An oxygen concentrator is a piece of medical equipment that can be used for people who may have low blood oxygen levels or suffer from a respiratory problem. An oxygen concentrator draws oxygen from the surrounding air and helps a person obtain the necessary oxygen.

An oxygen concentrator uses the ambient air to filter oxygen and is the best way for oxygen supply at home. Essential for individuals experiencing respiratory problems, a concentrator can provide pure oxygen for long hours and does not need to be replenished or replaced with any other option. Once you get the right way to use an oxygen concentrator, you can help anyone by giving them oxygen supplements. In order to get the best brand oxygen concentrator in Dallas, you must visit a reputable online CPAP store.

Oxygen Concentrator

The device consists of an oxygen tank, compressor, pressure valve, sieve bed filter, and a nasal cannula (or oxygen mask). Like an oxygen cylinder, a concentrator sends oxygen to a patient through a nasal tube or mask. However, unlike an oxygen cylinder, a concentrator does not need to be refilled and can provide 24 hours of oxygen.

How Does an Oxygen Concentrator Work?

An oxygen concentrator device purifies oxygen from the surroundings and helps people get it through a nasal cannula. Ambient air consists of oxygen, nitrogen, and then other gases. The oxygen concentrator works by drawing the air from the surroundings and separating nitrogen and other gases with the help of crystalline material known as Zeolite (sieve bed). And finally, the pure compressed oxygen is delivered to the person through a nasal cannula.

Oxygen concentrator for at-home usage

There are many varieties of oxygen concentrators available in the best CPAP online store; a few of them are portable oxygen concentrators that are useful while traveling or camping at any location. But stationary oxygen concentrator is ideal for home use. Individuals who need a constant oxygen supply while resting or sleeping will require oxygen concentrations according to supplemental oxygen as prescribed by a medical expert.

Before inhaling oxygen from the concentrator, one must know the frequency of oxygen flow required and consult a medical expert.

Things you need to know about oxygen concentrators

After buying an oxygen concentrator from the best CPAP online store, you should keep some things in your mind.

When using an oxygen concentrator

  • Do not use the concentrator while smoking or near an open flame.
  • Keep the device in an open space to lessen the chance of the equipment overheating.
  • Prevent any vent blockage on the concentrator to maintain device performance.

Always consult your medical professional before making any changes to oxygen level.

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