Drag and Mudflap: Do Mud Flaps Reduce Mpg

Mud laps are essential accessories for all kinds of vehicles. They primarily protect your truck from debris, sludge splashes, etc. However, the mudflap’s flat and broad design seems to add more drag to trucks.

Drivers are often concerned about the aerodynamic implications of heavy-duty truck mudflaps and worry that they will affect their miles per gallon.

In this article, we will investigate the effects of mudflaps on vehicles.

We will also weigh the pros and cons and determine if mudguards actually help drivers. Let’s begin.

Understanding drag in vehicles

When your truck or vehicle moves, it pushes against the air. Air pressure builds up in front of your truck, and a lower pressure occurs behind as this creates a pressure difference. The air resistance exerts a force in the opposite direction to your motion. Manufacturers design vehicles to help minimize drag and improve efficiency.

The front part of your vehicle and the drag coefficient are the main factors that contribute to drag. Objects at higher speeds need more power to overcome drag. Poorly designed cars require more fuel to move than more streamlined cars. The power needed to overcome drag increases as the cube of the velocity. For instance, if your truck needs 0.5 hp to overcome drag at 50 mph, at 100 mph, your truck will need 4 horsepower to move at that speed (these figures are not accurate)- This is one of the reasons vehicles consume more fuel at higher speeds.

Do mud flaps cause drag?

Mudflaps cause eddy currents to develop behind the wheels of tires and cause some resistance- but in reality, they contribute very little to the overall drag experienced on the truck, and you shouldn’t be worried. Top mudflap manufacturers produce more aerodynamic mudflaps that significantly reduce eddy currents, vent the air, and make your car more efficient.

Weighing the pros and cons.

We have established that mudguards create negligible drag on your truck. Now let us look at some of the pros of installing mud flaps.

Protects your undercarriage: mudguards keep splashes and mud from reaching your truck’s undercarriage. They also reduce the chance of rust damage to your undercarriage.

They keep your truck cleaner: Mudflaps keep your car clean for longer- Which will reduce how much you take your truck to a car wash.

Saves you money: Flaps can help save you thousands of dollars in repairs and trips to auto wash shops.

Protects other road users: Mudguards protect other road users too. The flaps stop flying debris and rocks from damaging or distracting other drivers around you.

Final thoughts.

The drag caused by mud flaps has negligible effects on your truck’s efficiency and miles per gallon (mpg), and this shouldn’t stop you from getting one. The benefits of installing mud flaps on your vehicle greatly outweigh the perceived disadvantages. Mudflaps protect your car from flying debris and mud, help prevent rust damage and protect other drivers on the road. Don’t sit on the fence any longer, get a mud flap for your truck today. Don’t hesitate to buy a custom mud flap for sale.

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