When Do You Need Driveway Repair Services

Every homeowner wants a clean and crack-free driveway. However, you may need to hire a company to get repair services from time to time. San Carlos driveway repair can ensure your driveway’s safety and longevity.

If you notice the following issues on your driveway, it is time to get driveway repair services:

The Surface is Cracking

Cracking is normal with pavement surfaces. However, if the cracks are occurring in an especially large area or getting larger, you should take action immediately. Cracks can lead to potholes and other problems that can damage your cars and other vehicles as they drive over them. Most driveways are prone to damage because they are exposed to the elements, such as ice storms and hot weather.

You Have Holes in Your Driveway

Potholes are another common reason for driveway repair. There may be holes in your driveway caused by tree roots, weather damage, or even poor construction. Potholes can develop in any size and shape but are most likely to form when driveways are not appropriately maintained. The best way to avoid potholes is by keeping an eye on the condition of your driveway and having timely repairs.

The Surface is Uneven

Asphalt driveway surfaces are usually smooth, but if there are uneven spots or bumps, it’s time for some repairs. A company offering professional driveway repair in San Carlos can assess the problem and determine what needs to be done so that it doesn’t happen again in the future.

It’s Curling Up

If you notice that your driveway is curling up, it could indicate something is wrong with the structure of your driveway. Contact a pavement company and get repairs done as soon as possible.

Water Damage

Water damage is another cause for concern when it comes to repairing your driveway. If you don’t have a proper water drainage system under your driveway, it can cause lodging problems. Depending on the damage and how long it’s been there, you may have to remove all the existing surfaces and replace them with new material.


With proper repairs, you can keep on using your driveway for decades. If you are looking for a reliable pavement repair company, you can consider El Camino General Engineering. They can assess the condition of your driveway and come up with an affordable solution.

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