Making Sure Your Graduation Cap & Gown Fits

A graduation is a significant event in everyone’s life. It is a moment to rejoice after years of dedication and countless hours of study. As a result, please celebrate it to the fullest extent possible. Crossing the stage and earning your high school or college diploma in a graduation gown has long been a custom in the academic world. It’s critical to prepare ahead and order your cap and gown early, whether your alma mater requires you to wear an academic gown with a hat and tassel, a graduation cord and stole, or any other type of academic attire.

You must be able to identify the appropriate graduation gown length, width, style, and color to get the most out of your graduation day experience. However, there are several cap and gown designs to pick from these days, making it difficult to ensure that you get the correct one. So, from us, here are some tips for making sure your graduation cap and gown fit perfectly before you walk!

  1. Be Aware Of Your Size

Of course, knowing what size clothing you wear and your dimensions in terms of height and weight is the first step in selecting the appropriate graduation gown size. When you buy a graduation cap and gown with a tassel, most online graduation businesses will provide you with a sizing chart to help you choose your size. Our graduation gown sizes, including plus-size graduation gowns, are properly labeled at the best stores.

Grad gowns should fit loosely enough to hang over your body without impeding mobility as a general guideline. Your grad gown should be eight to ten inches long, except your feet and ankles, and should cover everything but your feet and ankles. As a result, while ordering a cap and gown online, it’s equally crucial to consider both your height and weight.

  1. Follow The Instructions Carefully

All too frequently, high school and college graduates purchase caps and gowns online that fit perfectly, only to have them shrink down a size after being washed or dried. That’s why, when your academic robes come; it’s critical to read and follow the care recommendations on the label. This will help avoid common blunders like melting gown material, iron marks, shrinking, or ripping.

Graduation caps and tassels from reputable stores are ready to wear when you open the package. If the grad gown wrinkles during delivery, remove it from the packaging and hang it up several days before the ceremony to let the creases flatten out naturally. If it doesn’t work, steam it or hang it inside your bathroom door while you’re showering.

  1. Don’t Try To Hem It Yourself

Another common blunder graduates make when preparing for graduation is to hem their grad gown if they ordered the wrong size.If you didn’t major in clothing and merchandising in college or don’t frequently sew and hem your garments, this is a dangerous step. If you need your grad gown hemmed, contact an experienced family member to do it for you, or take it to your local tailor or clothes modification business.

  1. Order Your Graduation Cap And Gown As Soon As Possible

The best way to ensure you get the correct graduation gown size and matching cap are to order your cap and gown as soon as possible. That way, you are assured of making the necessary corrections as soon as possible so you can prepare for the big day.


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