Tips to keep your microwave in top condition

Microwaves are a great addition to the kitchen household. Not only does it adds up to the comfort, but it comes off as a great help during the holiday season. Being a go-to kitchen appliance, it is also a household appliance that is regularly mistreated. It is important to understand that the way you treat your appliance can significantly affect its lifespan. Calling in a professional appliance repair in North Edmonton is always advised. However, one can not take away the benefits of regular kitchen appliance maintenance.

Here are some tips to keep your microwave oven in top condition.

Keep your microwave clean

No maintenance tips will work until and unless you keep the inside and outside of your microwave clean. Regular wiping and removing the dust, grease, and other residues can prevent the bad odor and add to hygiene. Excess deposition of these can significantly affect the functionality of your microwave leading to major issues.

Keep an eye on what you are putting in

Always be cautious about the utensils you are putting in your microwave. One should avoid putting aluminum foil, metals, and other not-so-friendly microwave items in them. It can damage the interior and, in some instances, can lead to fire hazards.

Keep the door safe

Microwave oven doors are one such part of the appliance that faces the harshest conditions. From being slammed hardly to being pulled without turning off. Harsh handling of the doors may lead to latches getting loose or malfunctioning switches. In such cases, you are left with no choice but to call in a professional appliance repair in North Edmonton.

Avoid running it on empty

Avoid running the microwave when there is nothing inside it. Doing so can cause severe damage to the interior of the body. When run on empty, the microwave components absorb the heat, which can lead to considerable damage. These damages can empty your pockets if you call in a microwave repair in Edmonton to get it fixed.

Know when to call in for professional help

A lot of time, people keep using their microwave even if there is a clear indication that something wrong with it. Knowing the tell-tell signs and calling in microwave repair in Edmonton to fix any minor issue can prevent major problems. Professional technicians will not only fix the issue at hand but also point out the underlying issues to prevent further damage.


Microwaves have made cooking a much easier task and made us capable of serving hot meals at any time of the day. A perfect household appliance that can keep working smoothly if taken care of. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind and provide the best care to your microwave.

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