Why Neuro Movement Education is Necessary for Brain Development

How many of you think that neuro movement education is necessary, especially if you are a caregiver of for an exceptional child? Many believe that medical treatment is enough for a special child, but it is not true.

The human brain is designed, to learn new skills, improve and refine, and evolve in consciousness throughout life. This growth process is integral to health, vitality, and overall quality of life. The Neuro Movement education offered by the Community Program for Exceptional Children throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, California, and the Americas allows you to access the brain to awaken it and unfold its unique human potential for personal growth and development.

Neuro Movement uses movement and nine key elements to create conditions for the brain to improve its function and promote recovery from injury. This method helped thousands of people between the ages of 1 and 90 change their lives, on the physical, emotional, and cognitive level.

Suppose you are a caregiver of exceptional children. In that case,

Neuro Movement education for caregivers is the best way to help your children in their daily life and help them find solutions to their challenges.

• Start using the Nine Essentials for positive brain changes.

The Nine Essentials of Neuro Movement provide concrete and immediate way to unleash the brain’s immense potential quickly. With Neuro Movement lessons for children. Your children can become great problem solvers, making breakthroughs in movement and communication skills, cognitive and social skills, as well as their emotional regulation.

Neuro Movement education in Oakland helps you discover new ways to wake up your child’s brain, with painless movements and specific ways to connect with your child that move him to a higher level of ability and strengthens his health emotional well-being.

• How Neuro movement is different from other treatments:

The difference between Neuro Movement and other treatments is that it focuses on the brain rather than a specific physical problem or deficiency. The idea is that the brain changes by building new neuro-pathways when a highly varied functional movement experience is provided in a way that captures the child’s internal attention to the sensation of the movement experience in an environment that the brain perceives as non-threatening. Furthermore, the movement is done slow enough to match the child’s processing speed and thereby enables the child to participate with ease. The intention is not to achieve a specific goal but to create a sensory somatic learning experience that reliably leads to outcomes. Because every brain is different, the exact outcome is not always predictable. Therefore, it is important to hold goals flexible and become skilful in detecting small changes. Many small changes lead to transformational changes down the road.

The adaptability of the brain determines the quality of physical, emotional, cognitive, and social functions. When we create the right conditions for the brain, it can change, learn, and form new complex neural patterns. With that the child has a much better chance to overcome the dis-abilities caused by the disorder.

Another difference is that Neuro Movement does not try to rush the child to meet developmental milestones. This approach treats each child’s development as unique. Each child is optimally supported to progress at their own pace. Instead of trying to fix a child’s condition, Neuro Movement prioritizes connecting with the child, and gently enabling their abilities.

• What does Neuro Movement mean for children with special needs?

New born babies create many random and involuntary movements as they begin explore the world around them. Observe a neuro-typical baby. They almost always grip, cramp, and kick. Their attention is captivated by what they hear, see, feel, and taste. Their wondering is accompanied by all kinds of movements and they feel themselves and observe what happens when they move.

All this sensory information that the brain acquires from the baby’s explorations is crucial for it to build patterns that with time evolve to specific skills, such as grasping a toy, rolling over, sitting up, standing, thinking, and talking. Children with special needs cannot produce the richness of movements needed to develop these higher functions, Subtle expressions of emotions and complex thinking processes also require the development of complex neuro-pathways.

Gently guided movements convey sensory information that the child could not generate independently. They explore new options as they experience this process, and new movement patterns emerge and promote the child’s physical, emotional and cognitive development.

• How to access Neuro Movement therapy?

• Online

Whether you are a parent or a caregiver for an exceptional child, you will accompany him at every step of his life. The journey with your child becomes much easier, joyful and empowering for both of you when you learn Neuro Movement skills. You can easily access the Neuro Movement education for caregivers online. Individual coaching on Zoom is accessible from the comfort of your home.

• By scheduling in person sessions with a Neuro Movement Practitioner near you.

The Community Program for Exceptional Children in Oakland, CA provides Neuro Movement lessons for children in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, as well as online parent/ caregiver coaching and workshops across the Americas and Europe.

• Participate in a workshop, weekend seminar, and parent forum.

This is a great way to learn more about this method and acquire the necessary skills to effectively help your child.

The Bottom Line:

Neuro Movement therapy is the best known alternative treatment method for children with special needs. It helps them grow in a holistic way. It provides them the opportunity to move beyond their limitations and reach their fullest possible potential. Unlike conventional therapies, Neuro Movement creates the right conditions so that these special children can learn as much as neurotypical children; the only difference is, they need more time Neuro movement education in Oakland accelerates their learning. For know more information about Neuro Movement visit our website.

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