When to Consider Wood Fence Repair

You might be busy this time of year but notice things around your home that need maintenance or replacement. You could be considering wood fence repair in Crystal Lake, IL. Do you have a fence on your property from many years ago and are unsure if it can be repaired or needs to be replaced entirely? Perhaps it is very noticeable and devaluing your property.

Does Your Fence Need Help?

There are certain reasons you might consider wood fence repair & installation in Lakemoor.

Things that could go wrong:
• Tree limbs are encroaching.
• There is damage that is visible.
• Rot and water damage.
• The fence leans in one direction.
• There are chainlinks, panels, or boards missing.
• It sags.
• It is not pretty.
• It is getting complaints.
• There are mildew and mold stains.
• There are holes in it.
• There is sawdust near the fence..
• The paint is chipping or fading.
• The gate doesn’t close properly.
• Pets are getting out.

These things can mean that your fence needs to be worked on. Costs for this will surely add up. You might be able to do some of the work on your own, however, it might make more sense to replace the fence and hire a professional. Don’t do the job alone.

Does Your Fence Need to be Replaced?

Fences can be very durable and kept up with maintenance. However just because you might be able to repair a fence doesn’t mean you should. Here are some signs to replace your fencing instead.

Dilapidated Fencing

If your fence has many issues from the list above you might still be able to repair it but it might be a better value just to replace it instead.

Ugly Fencing

The ugly fence may have come with your house when you bought it or your tastes may have changed. Either way, it might be time to replace that fencing.

Rotten Fencing

If a lot of places in the fence have rotted, you still might be able to replace each post or board and preserve the fence. However, you should calculate costs and labor to decide if it is worth it.

Wrong Material

Perhaps the fencing was already there when you got your house. Or maybe your lifestyle has changed and you need a different type of fence to keep pets in or something similar. You might find it easiest to replace the fence in that case. Consider traditional fence installation in Lake Forest.

Infested Fencing

Your fence could be infested by wood-destroying insects. In this case, it would probably make more sense to have an aluminum or steel fence to replace it.

Damaged Fencing

If there is a lot of damage sustained by a fence, it may be time to replace it. You could use this opportunity to change the materials if you wanted too.

Failing Fencing

If your fence is failing to keep people out of your yard, keep your animals on your property or no longer protecting your family, then it might be time to replace it.

Non-Compliant Fencing

Does your fence no long comply with your HOA or local regulation? This could be your year to have a beautiful new fence installed.

Hurting Property Value

Your fence could be hurting your property value if it is in need of a lot of maintenance, in disrepair or ugly. You may need to just replace it.

What You Should Do

There are two key things you must do if your fence needs replacement.

Opt For the Right Materials

You don’t want to need to replace your fence again anytime soon so choose the right materials the first time. You might opt for a chain link if you need to cover a large area and don’t need it to be pleasing to look at. You might consider split rail fencing for livestock. Aluminum is durable and low maintenance. Board-on-board fencing will need less maintenance if installed properly.

Choose the Right Professional

If you are having a new fence installed it is important to choose the right professional. You’ll want to talk to friends and neighbors as well as read online reviews. Make sure you go with an insured company that you can trust.

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