How to straighten teeth without braces

The moment we think of teeth straightening treatment; braces come to our mind instantly. From ages we have known that braces be it metallic or ceramic are the only solution to align the teeth in a symmetrical order. But what if, we wish to have a ‘no braces’ solution for teeth alignment. Is it even possible to move the teeth to desired position without braces? Well, you will be surprised to know but dental science advances come with much more options that one can think of.

  • Retainers: Although retainers are designed to keep the teeth in desired position after the braces treatment is over but in adult cases where minimum movement is required to shift teeth to correct the teeth alignment, then retainers alone can do the job. Retainers can work alone only for mildly misaligned teeth.

  • Headgear: Headgears are usually recommended in children whose bones are still growing for alignment of jaw and bite correction. Not so popular but still used in conjunction with braces, in growing children. This headgear is custom designed for children to either move the teeth to desired position or to hold them at a particular position. The headgear puts pressure on the upper jaw in order to correct the alignment issues. The headgears are mostly used to correct overbite issues. As it can be removed, the patient has to wear it for specific hours as guided by the orthodontist and must follow the instructions in order to achieve desired results. Headgears do straighten teeth, but they are not aesthetically pleasing.

  • Veneers: Popularly used to correct dental conditions like crooked teeth, teeth gaps, chipped teeth, fractured teeth, discoloured teeth or misaligned teeth, Veneers are adopted by people who wish to avoid braces treatment. Dental Veneers are made of porcelain material. They are thin yet hard and durable porcelain shells that are attached permanently to the tooth. Although they are durable and result oriented, but one should be clear of the fact that dental veneers are not permanent and need to be replaced every 5-10 years of time. So, give it a deep thought when you opt for dental veneers instead of braces. The teeth need to be contoured(reduced) a little to accommodate the veneers. Veneers do not move teeth but provide an aesthetically pleasing covering over teeth.

  • Clear aligners: One might argue them as being braces but we have a clear justification as to how they are different and workable solution to straighten teeth. They fit in the modern lifestyle effortlessly. Clear aligners or invisible braces is a revolutionary and innovative product of advanced dental science and technology. They work exactly like traditional braces but them being invisible, removable, comfortable and painless sets them apart from being anything like the metal braces. They work painlessly and discreetly to treat mild, moderate to major teeth alignment conditions in people of all age groups. So, if you are thinking hard on how to straighten teeth without braces than this ‘braces like no braces’ clear aligners are a perfect solution to your problem.

Clear aligners are a new age dental technology that uses process and procedures to minimize treatment time yet offers accurate results. With modern lifestyle our teeth and jaw bones fail to develop the way they should in order to fit the teeth in proper alignment. We tend to eat everything in a refined way today as compared to old times where everything like fruits, vegetables, hard skin fruits like sugarcane, dry fruits etc. were available in their raw form. The jaw bones and teeth would develop through the pressure we applied to peel and chew them using mouth muscles and teeth pressure. This in turn would help the jaw to develop strong and broad jawbone, gums and muscles and help teeth to fall into proper alignment right from childhood.

For few the improper teeth alignment is a case of heredity predisposition, where either mother or father is suffering from misaligned teeth and the same jaw structure is passed onto their kids. The question ‘how to straighten teeth without braces? Is popularly asked by parents or teenagers who are looking for teeth alignment options that are aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, painless and can offer desired results in short treatment time. All these problems have only one answer to it and that is the revolutionary product of recent times ‘the clear aligners’.


Clear aligners have following benefits that make them the best available option to straighten teeth without braces:

  • Invisible: Clear aligners are made from high-grade medical polymer and hence the invisible appearance. The material does not cause any tissue damage or health problems even if used for long treatment duration.

  • Comfortable: As clear aligners are custom designed for each patient according to the jaw and teeth structure and need of the teeth movement, the teeth aligners are a snap fit for every patient who uses them.

  • Smooth on gums: As clear aligners come with smooth finish, they do not cause cuts or pain when you wear them for long duration.

  • Removable: The best part about clear aligners is that they are removable and hence, the patient can easily remove them while eating or drinking.

  • Easy to maintain: As compared to traditional braces clear aligners are easy to maintain. One can clean them with a soft bristle brush before wearing them and it’s done! With clear aligners maintaining oral hygiene too becomes easier.

  • Faster and accurate results: Clear aligners need to be worn at least 22 hours a day. With patient’s compliance the treatment can finish faster offering desired results. Moreover, patients can also track the treatment progress and possible outcome through the high-tech software used in the clear aligner treatment process.

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